Regal Fritillary wearable art jackets endangered species natural clothing Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn’s mission is to create fashionable, high quality, natural fiber clothing that…

  • Enhances awareness of environmental issues
  • Supports environmental organizations
  • Maximizes resource efficiency
  • Supports the local economy
  • Exemplifies a sustainable business

Artist’s Statement

It is time for change, a new generation for fashion. Beauty is not artificial. Natural clothing is sexier than lifeless textiles made from hazardous materials. When woman wear my clothes I want them to feel strong, smart and powerful. Stylish women set the example for the next generation. The fashion industry is full of artifice. It camouflages the decay and destruction of production. Look more closely and industry can no longer conceal the ugly. My concepts for beauty manifest in tailored construction. Dedicated to endangered species my clothing speaks for the speechless creatures disappearing from this planet every day. Hours of labor, love and passion rest in the embroidery and appliqué. My clothes are made from carefully selected quality natural fibers. Every Jacket gives back to nature, a repayment for what nature gives to us.

About the Company

Tara Lynn Scheidet, the owner and designer of Tara Lynn, makes luxurious custom hemp wedding gowns and wearable art jackets dedicated to endangered species. The studio, situated on 92 acres, is nestled in the heart of the North East Kingdom of Vermont. Since the company started in 2005 a number of local talented women have worked with Tara Lynn. They all stand behind the same mission to increase awareness of biodiversity, promote sustainability and be proud of what they do and the clothing they make.

About the Jackets

Our one of a kind jackets are designed and developed in house. They are often made of designer hemp blended fabrics and lined with vintage and re-purposed materials. The fabric for each jacket is selected individually to match colors and patterns. Pictures of endangered species inspire patterns for the artwork. The artwork is a collage of quilting, vintage lace, crochet, trupunto and embroidery. . The appliqués are made by hand and machine from remnants, yarn and lace. Five percent of the profits are donated to organizations protecting endangered species.  

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