Sustainable Fashion Designer Tara Lynn makes eco friendly clothes

Owner of Tara Lynn, LLC., Creative Director & Eco Fashion Designer for Earth Bitch 

Graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Art
Major: Fashion Design
Specialization: Knitwear
Certification: Ladies Tailoring Techniques

History: Tara Lynn began making her own clothes in grade school. She worked for and learned invaluable sewing techniques at Toshiki and Maryszka Couture in Long Island New York. She started making custom hemp clothing in 1999, while working at Hemp Instead in Hell’s Kitchen, NY, including custom hemp wedding dresses, and sold a hemp tie and scarf she made to Woody Harrelson’s wife, Laura Louie.

Living in Vermont, Tara Lynn  became the Associate Children’s wear designer for Garnet Hill, in New Hampshire, and designed the exclusive and long running Asian Wrap PJ .  In 2005, after longing to start her own natural fiber clothing company, Tara Lynn was forced to take the leap and follow her dream. Today she has made over 200 custom hemp wedding dresses and sold hundreds of wearable art Earth Bitch Jackets. Her hand and exploration of her work continues to evolve and excel.

Margi McGandy Design Assistant for Earth Bitch
 Earth Bitch Jacket in the making

“Sewing sooths my soul and it always has. I love to create things with needle and thread.” – Margi McGandy

Margi McGandy Skiing in Vermont at Burke Mt

Margi McGandy, Design Assistant

Margi took sewing classes with Tara Lynn for 5 years after which she was hired as Design Assistant. She assists with cutting, sewing, embroidery and art work design. Our clients love Margi’s input and easy camaraderie. She is creative, a nature lover, an Earth Bitch at heart.

When she was little Margi would make clothes, accessories and furniture for her teddy bears. She would also dress them in slings and casts, with crutches, wheel chairs, braces, glasses and all the cool stuff.  She had 2 boys and lived off grid, learning to forage food in the wild including mushrooms and milkweed. Then she pursued her associate degree at Mass Bay Community College, became an RN and was a nurse for 32 years.

In 2006 Margi read a story about Tara Lynn in a local paper. She admired Tara Lynn’s passion and pursuit of her dream to become a fashion designer. She retired from the Emergency Room in 2022 to pursue her other dreams in life; making things, getting out in nature and having freedom for the first time in her life to enhance her hobbies. The two met for the first time after mountain biking on the Kingdom Trail’s ladies ride in E. Burke, Vermont. Afterwards the riders met up for dinner. Margi and Tara Lynn sat down across the table from one another and have become great friends ever since.

Margi enjoys mountain biking and skiing. She is a bee keeper, gardener, raises her own chickens and she is a dog lover.

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