Custom Earth Bitch Jacket


The first Earth Bitch Jacket was born and worn in 2005. After a walk in Sausalito, California, sporting this jacket, I was empowered to make many, many, more of them. Traditionally, the Earth Bitch Jacket was hooded with an applique in the silhouette of an American Chestnut Tree and a logo printed armband. Along side the creative women that have worked for me, over the years, we have made these jackets with butterflies, squirrels, whales and frogs among their roots and branches. They are celebrated. My greatest joy is when I hear from customers about where and when they bought their jacket, how they have lasted, and where they have been.

These are just of a few of our Earth Bitch Jackets that are walking the street today. Still original, each one custom and as unique as the wearer.

To order your custom Earth Bitch Jacket choose a size and a fabric for the shell of your jacket.  We will email you lining options, hood colors and a color story to approve before we begin making your jacket. We also send photos of the progress for your approval. We want you to love and cherish your jacket.

Fabrics listed are a small sample of what is currently available. For more options contact us directly.

To choose your size view our size chart.

NOTE: When you place your order it will be listed at backordered. This just means it is being custom made. To find out approximately how long it will take to receive your jacket contact us before placing your order. We are a small company and make custom jackets as well as wedding dresses and suits. We will provide you with a schedule based on when your order is placed.

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