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Size 10
Women’s Embroidered Jacket
One of a Kind – Art to Wear

Our mushroom embroidered jacket is a magnified impression of the wild mushroom world growing in Vermont during the month of November.

This embroidered jacket is made of hemp and cotton corduroy. The organic cotton hood was dyed in house. Inside are multiple vintage linings; the main body has a beautiful mushroom printed lining, the sleeves and pockets are lined in a navy dotted print and the sweep is trim in plaid.

The mushroom appliques are done in trapunto, meaning they are stuffed, and their gills are pleated. The right sleeve arm band has a magnified view of a spider camouflaged in lichen growing on birch bark. The left sleeve is embroidered with branches and leaves. Several invertebrates are featured on this jacket; a slug, Mr. Spider and a sciarid fly.

Made of: 55% hemp 45% cotton corduroy, 100% organic cotton hood, vintage linings, made in Vermont.

Who we support: We like to support the National Resources Defense Council, through the sale of our hooded Earth Bitch Jackets, to help aid in their legal work to protect wilderness in the United States of America.

Finished, this embroidered mushroom jacket measures:
Shoulder: 17 1/2″
Bust: 41″
Waist: 35″
Hip: 41 1/2″
Sleeve: 33 1/2″ from center back neckline
Across Back 15 1/4″
Center Back Length 21 1/2″

Please contact us directly to custom order an Earth Bitch Jacket in your size.

To see other mushroom clothing for sale visit our Mushroom Child Collection.

When I began working on the embroidered mushroom jacket I set out into the forest and collected a few specimens from the woods. My research led me to discover that deforestation, fertilizer run off and unknown, unrecorded, un-researched circumstances are all responsible for the decline of mushroom species worldwide. To read more about my inspiration see the journal entry Back In The Studio…

Mushroom Jacket

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