Upcycled Wild Cat Printed Crop Top M cheetah & tiger


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Size M with cheetah front and tiger back

Our upcycled wild cat crop tops were designed using repurposed men’s dress shirts from the thrift store. We cut, fitted and frayed a canvas for our original wild cat block prints. Our exclusive hand sketched wild cats were carved in linoleum and blocked printed. Each shirt is one-of-a-kind and dedicated to endangered wild cats that are teetering on the edge of extinction.

25% of profits from the sale of this shirt will be donated to Panthera.org

Recommended to hand wash and line dry.  Neck line, sleeves and hem have raw edges that will fray over time.

Limited edition. Multiple sizes available, check Feral Society page to see other available sizes.

Some sad and scary facts about various wild cat populations around the world.

According to the World Wildlife Federation the Tiger is the largest of all the Asian big cats. About 4,500 tigers remain across Asia. Because they are on the list of endangered species numbers have increased in some countries yet are still declining in Southeast Asia due to poaching, habitat loss and revenge killings.

Not buying a T-shirt today, but now you’re moved to help save wild cats, check out The Culturist for 3 Organizations you can donate to that are Helping Save Wild Cats from Vanishing.

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