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Earth Bitch Jacket

Fashion for a better future

Eco-Fashion clothing brand Earth Bitch merges style and politics. Fashion designer Tara Lynn designs wearable art eco-friendly jackets dedicated to endangered species.

Tara Lynn Hippies Hemp Fashion and Wedding Dresses

Tara Lynn, Hippies, Hemp: a bridal designer leads the way for hemp fashion

March 12th, 2014 Written by Erin Hiatt for “THC The Hemp Connoisseur” Colorado’s Premier Guide to Cannabis The saying “you are what you eat” should be changed to “you are what you wear.” For example, the woman walking down the sidewalk in the yoga pants and fleece zip-up pushing a stroller falls into “busy mom” category, while […]

Eco Fashion Designer Tara Lynn makes wearable art, custom wedding dresses, and hemp clothing

The Neave Online Publication

Tara Lynn: Earth Bitch BY Britt Warner, April 22, 2010 I first met internationally-celebrated designer Tara Lynn four years ago in Vermont. My mom had taken a brief break from the frenetic pace of our native Los Angeles and owned a house in Lyndonville for a few years…before high-tailing it back to the West Coast, […]