Fabulous Fashionable Fungi | Mushroom Clothing Comes To Life

These ain’t your basic mushroom printed T-shirts.

Hand painted mushrooms come to life as stuffed appliques. Snails crawl across your shoulder. Spores glisten in the moonlight as moths fly by. A sciarid fly lands on a mushroom cap.

Wearable Art Embroidered Jacket Mushroom Clothing
Natural fiber clothing brand makes fashion art for conservation spider on sleeve

Fabulous Fungi Fashion

Wear an ecosystem on your sleeve.

embroidered jacket wearable art mushroom clothing
wearable art embroidered jackets embroidered slug
Mushroom Applique World
Mushroom Embroidered Jacket

Or perhaps a snail on your shoulder. 

embroidered t shirt snail under a mushroom
Sustainable T shirt with hand painted mushrooms
Medium Mushroom patch
embroidered t shirt with hand painted moth by Earth Bitch
Mushroom T shirt

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