Earth Bitch Pure Essential Oil Perfume


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Earth Bitch Pure Essential Oil Perfume

A blend of pure and organic essential oils. A spicy warm amber blend and pure fossilized amber notes give this scent a deep romantic base. Forest fragrances and a hint of patchouli encourage clarity, focus and calm. A peppery heart and citrus top notes bring these intense spices and resins together for an enticing woodland fragrance. Roll onto the back of your wrist, behind your ears, and near your heart for a long lasting, compelling and stimulating sensation.

5 mil bottle, Essential oils blended with Jojoba and Sunflower carrier oils.

Amber essential oil was chosen for its spicy, warm and earthy aroma.
Vanilla is essential to enhancing the warmth and romance of the scent.
Cedar, Sandalwood and Patchouli are blended for calming and grounding oneself.
Pink Peppercorn is an intense dry note that awakens the heart.
Lemon awakens your spirit.
Several smoky base notes and resins extend and anchor this blend for a longer lasting fragrance.

Feedback from friends on this essential oil perfume, “I love it”- Meredith N. “It smells beautiful.”- Kim C.S. “It lasted for hours, all day!” -Val E.  “I can’t stop smelling myself.”- T.L. “very romantic”-Margi

A little about why Tara Lynn created this essential oil blend:
“I was enchanted by a perfume I smelled in an apothecary in NYC. I kept a little sample of this scent in a draw in my studio. Years later, still loving the scent, I decided I should buy it. Then I realized the essence I  was drawn to were essential oil scents. I thought I could try and make my own perfume using only the essential oils rather than buying an alcohol base. The alcohol base had an overpowering perfumy odor. It was a bit too flowery, reminding me of walking through the cosmetic section of a department store. So my experiments began. I started with a few essential oils and then bought some more and then a few more. Keeping a log of blends and combinations I hearted and starred the ones I was really enjoying. They gave me a sense of calm. I appreciated the essence of the natural scents sans the perfumy scent of the original sample. After selecting my favorite combination, and testing it for several years, I decided this should be my Earth Bitch Scent.”

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