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Look of the Day | Sustainable Fashion Style

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Sustainable Fashion Designer Tara Lynn makes eco friendly clothes

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October 16, 2023

You love fashion, I love fashion, yet fashion is on the top 10 list of most polluting industries world wide. So how are you supposed to feel good about that? Hey, at least you care, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Sustainable style  is about more than where you shop and who you buy from. It also has to do with how much you buy and how long the things you buy last. Quality and consumption count.

Eco Fashion Cropped Jacket
Eco Fashion Designer Tara Lynn
Tenrec Plushie
Eco Fashion Looks and Sustainable Style by Earth Bitch

You don’t need to feel guilty about everything you buy, wear and do. Give yourself credit for being a conscious shopper. With awareness you can make informed decisions that work for you.

However did this Plushie purse make it into my closet? Well, my mother gave it to me, and she bought it at a thrift store. She knows I have a soft spot for wildlife and stuffed animals. So he makes the cut in my sustainable outfit of the day. In addition, after much debate about what species this Plushie purse is suppose to be, I have determined he is a Tenrec. A Tenrec is an endemic species from the island of Madagascar. I discovered its existence while researching endangered species for the Madagascar dress. They are a threatened species.
It is adorable, they are adorable. Similar to hedgehogs they can roll into balls. They can swim and they can be as small as a few centimeters long weighing less than 5 grams!

Sustainable Fashion Earth Bitch Eco Trends

I don’t know about you, but I love dressing up and coordinating an entire look when I am shopping. Shopping is something I enjoy doing when I am stressed out, sad or procrastinating. It lifts me up. However, I am also a conscious person and  I can get overwhelmed and disgusted by how much apparel on the market  is wasteful crap. I avoid big box stores and shopping center parking lots that have become mini highways. Every time I drive past these huge shops with flat roofs I ask myself, why don’t they have solar panels up there.
I digress… I prefer the smaller shops that specialize in quality products, little consignment shops tucked into cute villages, locally made and hand made goods. I also covet certain brands; some because they are eco-conscious and others for their style, quality and function. 


Steve Maden for example knows platform style. You can’t beat Darn Tough for its quality, long lasting, wool socks. Any legging made with a proper gusset in the crotch that has good resiliency is a worthy purchase. Sure I have hemp leggings, organic cotton leggings etc. but if they are not well made, and do not fit well then they don’t last and that isn’t sustainable. 








So let’s talk about sustainable style vs. personal style. There is a lot of style out there that is hot, feeds your personal style but it is not sustainable or eco friendly. Not enough people care about eco-friendly so sometimes it’s hard to find what you are looking for.  Personally I love natural fibers and natural includes wood, leather, cotton and wool. I also love vintage style prints, colors and fit. Yet vintage, be it sustainable because it is old and back in style, is most likely made of polyester and not natural. Polyester being my least favorite fiber to wear it does have a purpose, function and quality. For example, my husband is a mechanic and machinist and his uniforms have to be 50% Polyester so he doesn’t catch on fire when he is welding or grinding metal. If you inspected his wears you will find dozens of little burn holes, Nylon also has it’s place; in protective gear, adventure gear, public service apparel, medical textiles… and skirts with volume! The black tulle number above was cut off the bodice of a dress from the 80’s and it’s going to get jazzed up with some sparkly dung beetles. A new life, this revived number has a message to share about endangered wildlife. 

Circling back, it’s your personal wardrobe and you can make conscious decisions that work for you. You don’t have to feel guilty about making practical decisions. Or even impractical decisions. The number of conscious consumers out there is so small compared to the masses. Wear what makes you feel good inside and out, be true to who you are. Then you will hold onto the pieces you invest in for a lifetime.          

Earth Bitch Eco Fashion shopping

Here we have a practical mock up of Sustainable Fashion, Locally Made Goods, Favorite Style Brands, Eco-Friendly Clothing, High Fashion, Earth Bitch Fashion and Thrift Fashion. We mixed it up from our Trend spread at the top; same tops, new skirt, for a whole new adventure out.     

One thing that drives my husband crazy is I have this terrible habit of buying “pieces”. I fall in love with something fabulous and unique. I buy it. I get home with it and I have nothing to wear it with. So I have gotten in the habit of shopping for outfits and buying things I can mix and match in my wardrobe. I like to buy staples like the Banana Republic 100% linen top. First of all I found it at a local boutique for a great price, overstock. I love natural fabrics like linen. Especially linen jersey, it feels amazing on the body and gets softer with each wash. So I bought 3 of them, one grey, one white and one in black. They go with just about anything in my closet. Running late in the morning I can just pair them with jeans. Or, if I am getting dressed after my morning tea, I pair them with a fabulously bright, bold and eclectic skirt from my favorite local consignment shop, What to Wear Boutique in St. J Vermont.  


Sustainable Fashion Designer Tara Lynn makes eco friendly clothes

Written by admin

Earth Bitch eco fashion
Earth Bitch organic cotton cropped t

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